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Your Stress Affects Your Teeth | Dentist Lady Lake

by | Dental Implants, General Dentistry

You’ve heard all about the perils of stress. It can prevent you from sleeping soundly, it can make you sick, and it can even affect your teeth. You might be thinking, “Wait a minute; stress can affect my teeth?” Unfortunately, yes! You might know you are stressed, but you may not know exactly how stressed you are until your body reacts. Keep an eye out for these stress-induced oral issues:

Clenched Teeth

Clenching and grinding teeth is a condition known as Bruxism. If you have pent up frustration or tension, you may be taking it out on your teeth. The effects include flattened tooth tips, sensitivity from removed enamel, and indentations in the tongue. Our Lady Lake dentists can take a look and recommend preventative measures.

Gum Disease

Several universities, including the University of North Carolina and the University of Michigan, found that gum disease is much more prevalent in those going through emotional hardships, like financial stress. If you are emotional in dealing with your stressors, you are at the highest risk.

Canker Sores

Most of the time, these irritating sores are caused from aggressive toothbrushing or biting your cheek. However, they can also be caused by stress. These won’t directly affect your teeth, but they may cause you to be inefficiently brushing so you can avoid irritating the sores.

If you find your stress is affecting your oral health, do your best to alleviate the stress. See a counselor, exercise regularly, and confide your struggles in friends. Make sure to floss and brush regularly, as well as schedule regular checkups with the dentists at Heritage Dental!