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Your Daily Dental Routine

by | Dentist Lady Lake

Germs are everywhere, but did you know that the human mouth is where you can find the most germs on your body? According to a study done by Stanford University, between 100 million and 1 billion germs are on each individual tooth in your mouth and about 31 different bacterias. Most of these bacterias are in fact good for your oral health, but high amounts of these germs can be bad. In order to manage these germs there are three habits that you should include in your daily dental routine.


This is a habit that most have been practicing from a young age. The amount of time that you should spend brushing is no less than two minutes. Using a brush with soft to medium bristles will keep your teeth nice and clean without wearing down the enamel of your teeth. Breaking up your two minutes will help you with splitting the time spent on brushing, spend half of the time brushing your top teeth, and the second half brushing the bottom. Brushing once, in the morning and again at the end of the day, will keep your pearly whites nice and clean.


Flossing is a habit that most people don’t particularly enjoy or take part in. The importance in flossing is found when cleaning the spaces between the teeth. This helps reach the places that your toothbrush is unable to, removing any particles that might be wedged in there. Flossing is also important because of the effect it has on your gums health. Adding this habit to your daily dental routine can greatly minimize your chances of ever dealing with gum disease or gingivitis.


In a past blog we mentioned the importance of mouthwash and how adding it to your daily routine is beneficial. To recap, most mouthwashes have fluoride in them, which builds up your tooth’s enamel and can help in protecting from cavities. Mouthwash is also a great way to wash out any particles that might be stuck between your teeth, reaching the places that you can’t. Mouthwash also kills germs, lowering that crazy amount of germs on your teeth.

This type of routine may seem like a hassle, but it’s easy once you’ve gotten the steps down. Practicing this oral routine is especially difficult if you haven’t been going about your oral health as your dentist has suggested, continue to do your best to follow the routine. Daily dental routines create a great deal of difference in the long term of your oral health!