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What You Need To Know If You Grind Your Teeth | 32159 Dentist

by | Dentist Lady Lake

Most people are entirely unaware that they grind their teeth because it usually happens while they sleep. In fact for most people, the only reason that most teeth grinders find out is because someone else noticed and told them. If you’ve recently discovered that you yourself are a teeth grinder, or you know someone that is a teeth grinder, here are a few things you should know.

Grinding teeth is a stress related thing.

When you grind your teeth, the chances of your jaw being tense are highly likely. This physical reaction is usually due to anxiety, frustration, anger as well as stress. For individuals that work high stress jobs, this habit usually goes unknown but can get worse as stressful situations arise.

Children are more likely to grind their teeth.

Roughly 15 percent of children grind their teeth. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all children are dealing with stressful situations or that they’re angry. When kids grind their teeth, it’s usually tied to the formation of their jaw and the way that their teeth are aligned. If they haven’t already gotten braces or Invisalign, the chances of teeth grinding are more likely just because of how they sit.

Grinding your teeth does damage to more than just your teeth.

In most cases, grinding teeth does primarily wear down your teeth. While this is the part of your mouth that will see the most damage from grinding your teeth, it isn’t the only one. Grinding your teeth can lead to aggravated joints in your jaw that make chewing and talking uncomfortable. This can also lead to earaches and horrible headaches.

The good news is, teeth grinding isn’t going to get the best of your smile. We’ve designed plenty of mouth guards for individuals that grind their teeth while sleeping. These mouth guards are designed to be comfortable while sleeping but effective in preventing you from grinding your teeth. If you have discovered that you’re a teeth grinder, or you know someone that is, it’s a great idea to schedule a dentist visit and see what options your dentist has for you.