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The Benefits Of Using Fluoride

by | Dentist Lady Lake

Heritage Dental knows that a healthy smile goes beyond the doors of our dentist office, and that’s why we continue to provide you with tips that will help you maintain a healthy and happy smile.In previous blogs we’ve touched on the importance of maintaining your daily oral health routine, and we brought up the benefits of using mouth wash. In this post we are going to touch on the importance of adding dental hygiene products with fluoride in them.


Your tooth enamel is strong, but they’re not unaffected by the amount of buildup that occurs when bacteria, plaque and acid cover your teeth. Plaque that builds up on the surface of your teeth has the ability to produce a particular type of acid that breaks down the top layer of enamel on your teeth and has the ability to break down to the internal bone of your tooth. This process is what leads to cavities forming. When you add fluoride to your daily routine, the enamel will get stronger because of fluoride’s ability to remineralize the weak spots, minimizing the chances of cavities.

Rotting Teeth & Tooth Decay

Beginning at the surface of your teeth and forming in between your teeth. From there the decay goes to your tooths expose roots or any fillings that you’ve already had and takes the decay to the next step. Without any means of treatment, the tooth decay and rotting can spread inside of your tooth, ultimately destroying the structure and bone of the tooth. This then causes an infection in our mouth. Again, fluoride strengthens your tooth’s enamel and makes it difficult for tooth decay to happen.

If you’re hoping to minimize the chances of any of these oral infections happening in your mouth, the simple of addition of fluoride will help. You can find fluoride in a variety of oral health products at your local grocery store. From toothpastes to mouthwash, it’s easy to add this product to your daily routine. If you want to increase the amount that you use fluoride, there are even certain types of bottled water companies that add fluoride to their purified water. For more tips on healthy habits that will help your oral health, contact Heritage Dental.