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Signs That You Might Have A Cavity | Duy Nguyen DMD

by | Dentist Lady Lake

“Cavity” is easily one of the most daunting words you could hear at the dentist’s office. Very few things feel as worse as going to your semi annual dentist appointment and finding out that you didn’t brush, floss or rinse your mouth well enough to maintain good oral health.

Tooth decay is nothing to mess around with. It happens slowly over time, but once it happens, it’s much easier for your teeth to rot to the point of falling out, which let’s be honest, none of us want. While you can avoid ever developing a cavity by brushing for two minutes, flossing daily and using a mouthwash that has fluoride in it, we want to provide you with a few of the signs and symptoms that you’ll notice when a cavity is developing.

  • Toothache
  • Sensitivity in the mouth
  • Unbearable pain when eating & drinking
  • Any visible holes in your teeth
  • Pain when biting

There are plenty of ways that you’ll notice if you have a cavity, but the primary one is discomfort. If you notice any discomfort in one specific tooth, this is a pretty common way for us to tell if there is a cavity and where exactly we need to be looking. When you feel this pain, try and stay away from using it to bite down on so as to keep the pain at a minimum.

If you have experienced any of these signs or symptoms, set an appointment up with your personal dentist, or any readily available dentist, at Heritage Dental. Taking care of the pain is the first step to caring for your cavity.