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How Does Pregnancy Affect Your Oral Health | Dentist in Lady Lake

by | Dentist Lady Lake

Pregnancy brings on a lot of concerns when it comes to health. You become more conscious of what’s going in your body, as well as what’s coming out. Most of the time, we focus on what types of vitamins you should be taking, what you need to avoid eating and what types of products could be dangerous for the development, but we rarely dive into how oral health changes during pregnancy. If you’ve recently discovered that you’re pregnant, here are a few of the changes that you will happen.

Talk To Your Dentist

Routine dental visits are important, regardless of if you’re pregnant or not. While they are necessary, it’s important that you tell your dentist that you’re pregnant so that they can take precautions to any procedures that they may need. This could also affect the timing in which any oral surgeries occur because of the medications that often go hand in hand with them.

Changes Happening In Your Mouth

One of the most common oral changes that women who are pregnant see is gingivitis in its most mild form. There are some women that are more prone to developing this than others, but there are ways that these chances can be reduced. Our dentists will suggest that you increase the amount of times that you’re brushing every day, and spend extra time cleaning to ensure that you’re doing your best to maintain that oral health. If you don’t take the precautions to do so, this mild case could become worse with time.

X-rays Are Okay When You’re Pregnant

One of the concerns that we most commonly see deals with getting x-rays. You’d be surprised to hear that X-rays are actually okay during a pregnancy. While it isn’t necessarily ideal to get X-rays while pregnant, there are times that your dentist will have to get them done. Rather than rescheduling your appointment till after the pregnancy, find comfort in the fact that the leaded thyroid collar will protect your body, and your baby, from any harm the X-ray could do.

pregnant dentist2Morning Sickness Can Hurt Your Teeth

Vomit causes damage to teeth because of its high acidic levels. When you’re experiencing morning sickness because of your pregnancy, you’ll be throwing up on a regular basis which can break down the enamel on your teeth. The best way to tackle this one is by mixing a teaspoon of baking soda with some water, and rinsing your mouth out. This helps build the enamel on your teeth so that the acid doesn’t do any damage long term.

Don’t let your oral health decline during your pregnancy. There are plenty of ways that you can ensure that you are still sensitive to the baby, while taking care of your smile. If you have any questions, call Heritage Dental’s dentist office and schedule an appointment where you can speak with a dentist about more ways to maintain your oral health. Our dentists will always put your care and health first, so you can trust us to provide you with the best options.