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How Alcohol Affects Your Teeth

by | Dentist Lady Lake

As an adult, you have the privilege to enjoy an alcoholic beverage every now and again.While sipping on a nice glass of wine or craft beer is great every once in awhile, drinking is a habit that is known to be unhealthy. Studies have shown the effects that drinking has on your liver, blood sugar and brain, but very few people know the effects that drinking has on their gums and teeth.

Excessive drinking can lead to gum disease, tooth decay and mouth sores, but most importantly, individuals that drink heavily, or abuse alcohol, are some of the more likely people to develop oral cancer. Other instances that you will notice are staining, dryness and weakened enamel.

The color of the beverage, for instance red wine, can stain your teeth from the natural white that they should be. This is similar to drinking coffee, and just as difficult to remove. As far of dryness, alcohol dries up your mouth. Saliva is the factor that keeps your teeth moist and removes any built up plaque or bacteria. When your mouth is dry, your mouth has no way of fighting these off. The breakdown of enamel that happens when you consume alcohol allows more opportunity for cavities to form and move on to tooth decay. The long term effects drinking has on your oral health are harsh, but real.

Make sure that even if you are a moderate drinker, partaking in the average amount of drinks a week, that you still need to take proper care of your smile. Visit your Top Rated Local® dentist of Lady Lake. We offer the highest quality of dentistry and oral health care, around!