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Forensic Dentistry

by | Dentist Lady Lake

We have a Forensic Odontologist (Dentist) in The Villages and Lady Lake. We have added a new section to our website on Forensic Odontology. I have been actively involved in this specialty area of dentistry for many years. The topics of interest include mass disaster response, abuse, bitemarks (both human and animal), age estimation, identification of individuals and litigation.
My work involves working closely with medical examiners, law enforcement, attorneys and private individuals on a multitude of forensic cases.
Many of my patients have expressed an interest in this forensic field so I published a link on my web site for general information. This is a fascinating and challenging endeavor so I hope you gain an understanding of the other hat I wear as a dentist.

–  Dr. Cohrn


What is Forensic Odontology?

Simply put, Forensic Odontology is the application of dental principles and knowledge to matters of law.  We are a Forensic Odontologist (Dentist) in The Villages and Lady Lake, assisting law enforcement, attorneys, medical examiners and investigators.

Forensic Odontology cases, both civil and criminal, include:

  • Identify human remains that cannot be identified using DNA, fingerprints or other means
  • Identify remains in mass fatalities, such as plane crashes and natural disasters
  • Determine the source of bite mark injuries in cases of assault or suspected abuse (human and animal)
  • Assist in investigation of child, partner, elder and animal abuse cases
  • Estimate the age of skeletal remains and determine legal age
  • Testify in cases of dental standards of care and fraud

Forensic investigation is not what you see on TV with CSI or NCIS. Case Investigations are not completed in 45 minutes with exotic equipment by attractive women in designer dresses. This phenomenon is called the CSI effect and does have an impact on jury outcomes. Sophisticated laboratory tests and unrealistic outcomes are expected in every investigation. If not, the investigation is perceived as flawed. News reports and social media likewise have the ability to direct investigations in certain directions by putting pressure on investigators, law enforcement and the legal system. High profile media coverage catapults the more notable and even bizarre cases to the forefront of public opinion. Generally, knowledge of the masses supersedes the individual but not universally. Due diligence must pervade in forensic investigations. One should not rush to judgment and avoid biases as much as possible. Scientific methodology must be followed and critical thinking engaged.