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Do You Avoid the Dentist? | Heritage Dental

by | Dentist Lady Lake

When was the last time you stepped foot into your local dentist’s office? Has it been a while? Dentists aren’t as scary as they seem; in fact, they’ll help you maintain great oral health so that you can have a lasting smile for years and years to come. So, what has been holding you back from visiting our dentist in Lady Lake?

Common Reasons You May Be Avoiding the Dentist


Did you know that the cost of an appointment is one of the main reasons individuals decide to forego their yearly dental visit? If someone does not have dental insurance, costs seemingly add up quickly. Luckily, our dentist tries to keep services as affordable as possible, with our without insurance. If you are curious about the cost of some of our procedures, just ask!


From a bad experience as a kid to a fear of pain a dentist may cause, dental anxiety is a real issue for many individuals. No matter what caused your fear when you were younger, it’s crucial for you to understand that dentists are not the bad guys. Although an appointment may be uncomfortable, there are some things you can do as a patient to ease yourself before, during and after your dental appointment. Try listening to relaxing and/or calming music, and communicate with our dental team that you’re nervous about the appointment. Taking these steps will make your visit with our team much more enjoyable and less stressful.

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There are many more reasons why individuals avoid visiting their dentist at all costs. To learn more reasons you may be avoiding us, make sure you stay tuned for our next blog: Reasons You May Be Avoiding The Dentist. To stop avoiding and make an appointment with our dentist, contact us online now!