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Should You Buy An Electric Toothbrush? | Dentist Lady Lake

by | Dentist Lady Lake

Is Power That Much Better?

When choosing a toothbrush, there are a variety of elements you must consider. The first is the hardness of the bristles. Our dentist highly recommended soft bristled toothbrushes for most. Then there’s the comfort of a toothbrush. You must hold it and consider the shape of the head and grips of the handles to make the purchase worth your while. Here’s the final tip from the dental professionals in Lady Lake to consider when purchasing a new toothbrush:

Consider purchasing an electric toothbrush over a traditional, manual toothbrush.

A powered toothbrush may be able to take away the “boringness” of brushing your teeth each morning and evening; plus, many electric toothbrushes have built in timers. Once you start brushing your teeth, it’ll turn off after two minutes. Additionally, studies have shown individuals who use electric toothbrushes instead of manual experience a 21 percent decrease in gingivitis and an an additional 11 percent decrease in gingivitis after just three months of use. However, don’t think using an electric toothbrush is only for those diagnosed with the disease. Because electric toothbrushes hold the power to decrease the amount of plaque collecting on your pearly whites, that alone can help you overpower the amount of cleaning you’ll ever be able to provide for your teeth with a traditional, manual toothbrush.

Have you considered all of our tips?

Clearly, there are a few different elements to consider before purchasing your next toothbrush. If you want the best of all worlds, make sure you purchase an electric toothbrush which has soft bristles, a comfortable handle and head and finally, buy electric! If you want to learn more about what our dentist has to say about the tips we have provided you, feel free to give us a call!