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Are There Age Restrictions Dental Implants | Dentist Lady Lake

by | Oral Surgeon Lady Lake

When you’re looking to replace a tooth that is missing, there’s no question that dental implants are your best option. Not only are they the option that provides a look similar to natural teeth, but they are also an option that doesn’t alter the condition or use of your other teeth. This option allows for you to eat, drink, speak and smile in a way that gleams with confidence. While this is the best option for replacing missing teeth, there are restrictions that make it difficult for certain people to get dental implants. One of those factors is age.

The primary restrictions are going to be with younger and older individuals, leaving the middle ground to include older teens and adults. For the younger individuals looking to get dental implants, there is a lot of factors to consider. The primary reason that we restrict younger patients is because their jaw hasn’t developed entirely. The age that we usually like to start incorporating dental implants is no younger than 17 or 18. Since every patient is different, this isn’t always the case. Between x-rays and the guidance of your oral surgeon, you’ll be able to determine whether or not dental implants are an option for you.

On the other side of the spectrum, elderly individuals have shown great success with dental implants. In these instances, it’s important that health is taken into consideration and how recovery will go. If in good health, there’s no reason that dental implants shouldn’t be successful.

If you are looking to do dental implants but aren’t sure if you’re eligible, visit us here in Lady Lake and we would love to walk through the procedure with you so that you can confidently know that this is the decision you’re looking to make.