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Reasons You May Be Avoiding The Dentist | Lady Lake Dentist

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What caused your fear of dental exams when you were younger? Was it the fact that the noises were scary? Was it that you thought it was going to be painful? Or, was it because you didn’t enjoy the taste of the dental cleaning substances that were used? Whatever your fears are, our dental team in Lady Lake has the expertise you need to make you feel at ease for your next appointment. But first, let’s figure out some of the most common reasons individuals are scared of heading to the dentist for their yearly exam. Catch up by reading our past posts about cost and anxiety before continuing…

Common Reasons You May Be Avoiding the Dentist

Fear of More Work

Did you know that one of the most common reasons individuals refuse to visit the dentist is because they have a fear that they will need more dental work? That’s right; not many patients are scared of the dental cleaning itself, but what the dentist will find during that cleaning, such as cavities and decay.

Fear of Dental Instruments

Understandably, when you aren’t sure what each dental instrument’s job is, your mind can create a fear around them. Many individuals who avoid the dentist at all costs do so because they have a fear of dental instruments. From Novocaine shots to scraping the teeth with a pointed tool, individuals have created a fear of the dentist. Luckily, nowadays, there are plenty of tools that have been replaced with lasers, making an appointment much less invasive, scary and full of shiny and pointy dental instruments.

Reach out to us and face your fears!

There are plenty of fears you may have, but it’s crucial you do what you can to get past your fears; our dentist is prepared to help! Give our dentist in Lady Lakes a call today to set up your appointment. We want your dental cleaning to be as stress-free and relaxed as possible. Call now! In the meantime, stay tuned for our next blog: Say No To Common Fears!