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Preventing The Erosion Of Your Teeth | Dr. Duy Nguyen

by | Endodontist Lady Lake

enamelOur teeth are built to be strong, and the more we care for them the healthier and stronger they become. While you may be doing everything in your power to keep your smile a healthy one, there’s never too many tips to help keep you on a road for an overall healthy smile. As the team of endodontist within the surrounding Lady Lake area, we have discovered a few ways that provide the strength needed to minimize the chances of erosion in your teeth. Here are some methods that you should be practicing on a regular basis to keep your enamel strong.

Use A Straw

Most drinks that we consume are not exactly gentle on our teeth, even natural fruit juice is loaded with sugar that breaks down our enamel. When you choose to drink something other than water, using a straw will help minimize the contact between your teeth and these drinks with high acidity and sugar levels.

Only Brush Twice a Day

There is something so refreshing about the moments after brushing, it’s refreshing and clean. While this feeling is so incredibly refreshing, and one would commonly think that the more you brush the better, that isn’t the case. Brushing our teeth helps remove any grime that is sticking to our teeth, the more we brush the more it breaks down your teeth. Stick to brushing two times a day and you will be set.

Don’t Snack Before Sleeping

Let’s face it, this tip is probably one to follow for more than just dental hygiene. There are plenty of reasons that snacking before bed is less than ideal, but when it comes to your dental hygiene it may not be what you’d imagine. After eating, the saliva in your mouth will take about an hour to neutralize all of the acids in your mouth, even if you brush your teeth. The downfall here is that your body produces much less saliva while you’re sleeping, making it hard for the acidity level to go down at all, which leaves the high acidic levels and mass amounts of sugar and grime, right there on your teeth.

If you are looking for methods on building a stronger enamel and feel that your best option may be partaking in a periodontal treatment. For more information, call our dentist office today!